I have now been back in Vermont for a year. I am the poster woman for “you never know where life may take you”. I began a couple of new pursuits recently that have sparked nostalgia, bravery and silliness. Who knew that I might enjoy being the next house/pet sitting maven? This is the next stage of my empty nest adventure and now I am taking care of other’s loves – their pets. There are stories to be told – which brings me to my other next new adventure – I story-told at a story-telling event and I remembered what I was going to say and people clapped at the end. I think it was a little brave.

The picture above is of my current doggy roommate and we are just getting to know one another. She is tolerating me as I learn how things work in her world. I am finding that there are great differences in one doggie world from another. My last doggie sit was another story… it was a 3-month long stint and, therefore, allowed plenty of time for bonds to be formed. We breakfasted together, romped through the woods, snuggled on the couch for our Netflix fix. It was truly wonderful, until the family came home. Well, yes, of course they came home, but it happened so fast. And the thing that I had been desperately avoiding happened – me and my doggie-boyfriend had to break up. The family wrote me a nice note and invited me to visit and take the dog for a walk, but as the movie played in my head, we would re-bond with stick-chasing and general Lab happiness and then what? I would have to take him home? Or would I be the dog napper, oh how sad. And they would say, “Julie’s poor mother”. So, as the movie played out, I thought it better not to go to see my ex- and chance another heartbreak of one sort or another.



03/15/2016 8:03pm

Moose! Seems already like a life time ago! Oh the pet friends you will make :) Happy to see you're back at it! XOXO

julie elena payne
03/17/2016 6:40am

Thank you for reading...yes, I am back at it with tales to tell. XOXO

02/27/2017 12:45am

Having a pet is very fun to have, it’s like it was your friend, child and family. We have a dog when I was a child, it was very fun to be with him and every time I will come home that the dog will welcome me. Dogs are my favorite pet in the world, they are very kind, and never leave your side. For me, dogs are very easy to pet. I miss my dog, he is very cheerful and playful if you met him.

07/05/2016 1:38am

Every person likes to have a pet but not all the people use to care about them. I also have a puppy and I take care of him more than me and it is very good feeling to have such a faithful pet.

02/02/2017 11:05pm

Pets are like sibling for an only child like me. I lived in my room together with my pets. Not just ordinary pets like cats and dogs, but exotic pets. Yes, you heard it right. Exotic pets like spiders, scorpions and snakes. Some people find me weird, but I don't care. My pets are my family.

08/16/2016 9:41pm

Your doggie is very cool! I love pets so much! I want my own zoo!

10/18/2016 1:36am

I love pets too! They are our best friends. Don't you agree?

02/11/2017 5:57am

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03/30/2017 5:51am

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05/15/2017 7:34am

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05/20/2017 10:52am

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07/21/2017 2:34am

So here I come across another story of a mother and her struggle to raise her sons. Nearly all the parents have their unique stories about their parenthood which are always inspiring for us just like the story of this mother who has now ‘emptied the nest’.

09/09/2017 8:39am

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09/11/2017 8:12am

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