Life’s journey…we hear it everywhere… my journey, your journey, journey, journey. I think it is a good concept as journeys have been celebrated through history. Pilgrimages, traveling to foreign countries (think Eat, Pray, Love) which have had great value for exploration of ourselves, ultimately, over time. But I also like to think that the path is a less linear – I agree with the Greek philosopher Plotinus that “the soul moves in circles”. James Hillmans, a writer/psychologist agrees that “hence our lives are not moving straight ahead; instead, hovering, waivering, returning, renewing, repeating”. 
So, what does that mean for planning? I now come up against the plan it out/ let it come naturally dichotomy that has knawed at me for years now. How do you keep focused, not lose your way and be open to allow for good things to come? Well, the circular view of seeing how I move through life helps this…I may plan and follow through with it, but the difference is that my expectation of what I thought would be the outcome may be different and it may actually bring me back to retry something that I needed for a “do-over”. 
For me this is especially poignant right now for matters of the heart. When we plan our lives we focus on financial success; what job to take, how much we pay in rent, we plan to take care of our health; no gluten, workouts 3x a week, yoga and we plan how to take care of our minds; study hard, good college, continuing ed. But, we don’t plan how to take care of our hearts…I never have. My heart has been taken to where there has been a spark, an infatuation, even into my 5th decade, because I never planned for my heart. I think it is time to do the due diligence….ask the questions, explore red flags, use the same discipline for planning other decisions. I don’t eat dessert every day – if you know what I mean. I am not going to indulge my heart right now… I am going to hover and renew and possibly give myself a chance for a “do-over” in this part of my life.